When you start loving yourself.

When you start loving yourself, you realise, there no out there, or in here, you realise everything is interconnected, you start seeing everyone through the eyes of love.
When you start to give all of your love to you, you start attracting positive and loving people because your vibe is attracting your tribe.
When you start loving yourself, your circle becomes smaller, and relationships that are not serving your growth falls off without even trying.
When you start to love yourself, you recognise relationship or friendship that is not going to help you from the outset.

When you start to give yourself all your love and attention, you begin to trust your intuitive nature ;you start listening to yourself and trust your own judgement.
What you start to practise self-love, you are able to call people out when they are wrong, even if they are very close to you, because you love them and know they are the extensions of you.

When you start to give yourself love, you manage your time wisely, you no longer get involved in situations that have nothing to do with you.

When you start loving yourself, you start making time for your loved ones, knowing that memories and good experiences are so important.

When you start loving yourself, you get more optimistic about life, because you know worry and anxiety is not good for your health.

When you start loving yourself, you want to travel more, you realise life is short.

When you start loving yourself, you start to appreciate every little thing about yourself, knowing everything about you is unique and special.

When you start loving yourself, you let go of societal expectations and DO YOU.

-When you start loving yourself, you start eating right,you realise your health is wealth.

When you start loving yourself, you become open minded, you realise there are much wonderful in the world contrary to what the mainstream media tells you.

When you start loving yourself, you look forward to meeting people with extraordinary stories.

When you start loving yourself, you start to look inward for everything.

When you start loving yourself, you consciously manage who is in your space, you only allow situation and people that support your growth.

For me, practising self-love is ONE of the most amazing things that has happened to me, for me to overflow, i have to be filled first.Every day, I am watching me,consciously practising self love.

Look after yourself, look after your mental health.Know who is your corner and hold them dearly.

Give yourself your attention.

Give yourself the best of you, 

Spend quality time with you.

Shut the world out for few hours to spend time with YOU, you will discover you are the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Be your own best friend! 

Celebrate your awkwardness, your flaws(they aren’t even flaws anyway).

Send yourself flowers and postcards, Go on a date with yourself!(weird huh) Trust me, it’s fun!and remember there is no app to download self-love, you got to give it to you.

I love you.

Ms Sunday



There is research in the study of Epigenetics of how peoples perception of themselves are changing their genes. As a Christian that knows about divine healing, I understand this.

If the way I perceive myself is able to affect my genes, it’s inevitable to use the right words to describe myself or things about me. Using the right words automatically conditions your mind, if I didn’t believe at first, but I consciously use these words,  I will start having thoughts in this direction. and what I think about, i bring about.

There are my top 3 words/sentences that everyone should ban from their vocabularies.

I CANT: Most people have crippled their abilities by using the word I CANT. Human potentials are unlimited, that’s not news.History has shown how people have turned their lives around by just deciding that they can do something.Henry Ford couldn’t have said it better” if you think you can, or cant, you are right both ways. You are the one that determines what is possible for you. You have the ability to do anything YOU decide to do.


I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING: This is so common when you are finding a solution to a particular problem, and you want to give up, but you want to give yourself an excuse to do. We want to justify why we gave up on a project or why we gave on a diet that we know will serve us in years to come. Funny, isn’t it? Trust me, if you think you have tried everything, you haven’t? There is a solution to every human need, the answer came with the problem.If you haven’t found the right strategy yet to solve that problem, keep looking.Don’t close the opportunity of finding the solution by saying you have tried everything.

(Photo credit )Gymaholic

IT’S NOT MY FAULT: I cannot over emphasise the importance of taking responsibility for oneself. Owning responsibility for your choices and actions.This changed my life, it helped me to own my power, the power of options that I never knew I had.  Most people always have someone to blame for why they are they way they are, if it’s not their parents, it’s the teachers or the government. You are where you are today because of YOU! It’s nobody’s fault that you are fat, it’s nobody’s fault that you don’t have a job, Stop the complaining and get up! Own your past mistakes! It’s in the past!  Owning your own choices just gives you this control that I can’t put into words. Someone said, “WE ARE ALL SELF MADE, ONLY THE SUCCESSFUL ONES ADMIT IT”.How true is that? It’s time to stop shifting blame and use it to propel yourself forward in the direction you want to go.

Your words show how you see yourself, and your perception of you is everything.You can start now by using the right words, and it will change how you perceive yourself.You have unlimited potentials, you can do anything that you put your mind into.

Take good care of you

I love you

Ms Sunday

Summer reading 📚

It is 4 am in the morning, I looked out, I was hoping to see the beautiful bright sky, but to my surprise, it was pitch dark? Is summer gone?

I set my target of reading at least 6 books before the end of the school holidays, I don’t think I ‘ve done pretty bad as we have 3 weeks left before school starts again.

There is a particular book that has been jumping in my face for the past 2 years, The 4 HOUR WORKWEEK by TIM FERRIS. It was as if everywhere I turn, almost everyone is talking about this book.So this summer, I decided to listen to the audio book, someone graciously posted it on You Tube,  I am definitely buying the hard copy in case it gets taken down.

In honour of President Obama, I decided to read this book on his birthday, my son asked why I still refer to him as President, as he is no longer the President of the United States.I tried to explain, but he didn’t seem to understand, but I hope to take him to Washington DC one day.

I am obsessed with Bill Gate, I am not going to lie, I go on his personal blog almost every week, you can’t blame me! Check Forbes list, this man is still No 1. OK, back to my obsession, Warren Buffet donating about $3.17 billion of his fortune to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation brought about my curiosity.So, last week, I went to a shop and I found this book, I just had to buy it, and it was on discount, super great!


If you are curious like me, check gatesnotes.com (It’s Bill Gates personal blog)how cool is that? and also check him and Melindas foundation and see the amazing work they are doing all around the world, especially in the eradication of  polio.Polio is nearly a thing of the past because of this foundation.

Www.gatesnotes.com             Www.gatesfoundation.org

Above are other books I have laid my hands on this summer, I have at least 4 podcasts that I have downloaded from iTunes that I haven’t listened to, sometimes it seems  24 hours isn’t enough, but it is! Am learning to manage my time more efficiently to be more productive.

What are you reading? Pls comment below.

Sending you  ❤️

Ms Sunday

How to stop doubting yourself

We all have dreams and visions, ideas of products and services that will serve humanity, but most of the time, the fear of am I good enough?What if? We doubt and judge ourselves before anyone else does. I have been there! I have always wanted to have a blog. Actually, I had a blog in the year 2012 when I came across my favourite daily devotion that changed my life. I had so much to share to the world, I had to write! I started writing, but there was a voice in my ear, someone close to me. He thought I should be writing about fashion, makeup, or gossips, in the end, I brought the site down. I will share with you, few lessons I have learnt, from my experience that will help you on your journey.

(1) Stop living on peoples applause and criticism; When the only thing that brings smiles to your face is when you are applauded, am really sorry to break your heart.If you waiting on peoples approval of you, you might wait forever.And even if they approve you, they might turn around tomorrow and say you are not good enough. Why not put your whole effort into yourself and tell yourself you are good enough! You are worthy of whatever you want to achieve! Your product or service is worthy of the market place.And also if criticisms are what shrinks you, it’s time to get over it! Steve Job is dead and gone, the mighty Steve Job, people still write about him that is dehumanising, So friends, you have to learn to live independently of criticism or applause. If it’s constructive criticism, that’s helping you in the direction that you are, Good! But do not let criticisms and praise be your oxygen.

(2)The opinion of others: Other peoples opinion of you has nothing to do with you, In order not to doubt yourself, you have to give people the rights to their views, Let them own it! There’s so much quest for control in the world, don’t be programmed by other peoples opinion, A  few years ago, I told a friend I wanted to work in an office, a specific establishment, he laughed it off.He laughed it off because he had a different opinion, And Guess what! I worked where exactly I wanted to work.I didn’t allow his opinion to define me.

(3)Stop comparing yourself: As a content writer, that started writing over a month ago, How can I compare myself to the mighty Stephen King? that has written over 50 books read by millions around the world, That is just insane! Comparison kills! It kills dreams and visions! Don’t compare yourself! Own your cuteness or weirdness, no one will sing your song like you, own it! There is only Bill Gates …there is only one Olubunmi Sunday, only one of you in the whole world.A mentor of mine said, there is no comparison between the moon and the stars, they shine at their own time.

Believe in your dream! Believe in you! Give no room for doubt! Your playing small will not serve anybody, so you might as well stop questioning your ability and do it anyway!

I love you

Ms Sunday

6 signs you no longer self-sabotage

Self-sabotage is that action that can dwarf your personal development growth, It can be described as self-inflicting injuries on your growth, and most people do it without realising, Taking self-inventory of your growth is so crucial in knowing where you are at, to assess your growth in becoming a bigger and better you.

The following are few of my checklist to measure if I am self-sabotaging or making progress on my journey of becoming a greater and better version of myself.

  • Gratitude: Considering how un-deciding  London weather can be, I used to find myself in conversations discussing how horrible the weather is, how dreadful the weather is, how how how…… the list is endless. You see, I asked myself would I prefer to live in a 46degrees weather? Or live in London.The latter was my answer. What I had to do was shift my focus to what I can control, and it’s helped me a great deal.And every day, am grateful, whether the sun is shining or not.And when you are thankful, it puts you in an atmosphere of joy which attracts more things to be grateful for, which results in growth.
  • Time-management: When you are able to account for your 24 hours, knowing your time was spent on things that are productive, you are definitely on the journey of becoming a better version of yourself and not self-sabotaging your growth as you are increasing your productivity every day.
  • Self-respect: When you are able to look people in the face and tell them “don’t try that (bleep)with me”. When you are truly a genuine person, and you often give your all in helping people, sometimes people get it twisted and think “she’s cool, or he’s cool… and they like to cross the line.You have to definitely learn how to put your middle finger in the air without even lifting your finger, it’s called Boundaries, drawing the line. Letting them know, this is the line, don’t cross it.Someone said, If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.
  • When you no longer fit yourself in peoples schedules: When you are in control of where you want to be, When you stop being available for everything and only make time for what matters, you are definitely not sabotaging yourself.
  • The power of association:You are a reflection of the people you speak to and listento,  the books you read, the information you open yourself to, someone said if you are smartest in your group, then you need to find a new group.When you decided to stop hanging around friends that only talk about how bad the economy is, or how wrong the government is, then you are on your way.
  • When the circle is getting smaller: I love this! You cannot fit a million pounds idea in Penny’smind, and like attracts like,and knowing your vibe is attracting your tribe, Your circle will get smaller, and the smaller the circle, the better.The ones that are meant for you on your journey, will always be there supporting you, cheering you on like there’s no tomorrow.

Be you! Do you! Stay committed to your dreams and visions!Take responsibility as if everything depends on it.

I hope I have served and inspired you.

I love you

Ms Sunday


I don’t like this …syndrome

I DONT LIKE THIS… she said with her finger pointing at me with a disgusted look as she walked by
I was wondering what in the world she was talking about …
I later figured out she was talking about my hair
My Afro kinky, short, born with, beautiful hair.
Oh ! I smiled …..

I don’t like this syndrome ...IDLT (as i call it)is what people go through when there is ametamorphosis in their life or the life of someone close to them.

Change is not comfortable, it’s definitely not a comfort zone, and it’s not everyone that will jump on your bandwagon.

When a woman who has been battered emotionally and physically for years decided to raise her voice and tell her husband, he cannot lay his hands on her anymore …..
There will be symptoms of IDLT syndrome

When you decided to eat organic food or decide to cut sugar, and not give your body the junk that is used to …
There will be symptoms of IDLT syndrome

When you decided to cut off those pity party friends and take responsibility for your life
There will be symptoms of IDLT syndrome

When you stop having time for their “not going anywhere conversations ” gossips dressed in gist conversations ” you are going to get something like “she’s so full of himself/herself.
Don’t worry,😉 it’s all symptoms of IDLT syndrome

When you decided to challenge yourself, read those books 📚 that you wouldn’t usually read, go on a possibility thinking diet, or stop watching the mainstream media news
Your brain will give you an IDLT …

When you decided to join a gym or a dance class to keep fit
Your body will say ….IDLT the following morning.

If you are suffering from IDLT syndrome, don’t worry, keep pushing, keep forging ahead .. Keep your eyes on the prize.

If it’s someone close to you that is giving you IDLT vibes, don’t worry about it, They will get it! And if they don’t! That’s still OK!

Do you! Be you! You ‘ve come on a long way! Keep going! You are bigger on the inside, don’t let anything stop you! Allow the greatness to manifest …


I love you
Ms Sunday

Who wants to be a millionaire?

I asked my daughter “what would you do with a million pounds“? I knew she didn’t have an idea what a  million pound is,  but I was just asking her a question that would develop her critical thinking skills.by the way, meet my daughter.I call her Queen Bethel

This is how the conversation went.

MUM: What would you do with a million pounds?

DAUGHTER: I will use it to buy candy for myself.

MUM:  what if it was too much for yourself?

DAUGHTER: I will use it to buy to candy for Holly and Skye (Holly and Skye are my neighbour’s  children.

MUM: What if it was too much for just you, Holly and Skye?

DAUGHTER: I will use it to buy candy for all the children in my class(she ended up saying all the children in the school.

MUM: what if it was still more than enough for all the children and all the teachers in the school?

DAUGHTER: I will use it to buy candy for all the children in the world that don’t have candy.

YES! I finally got the answer I wanted, I just wanted her to think beyond herself,beyond her friends,beyond the people she knows right now.

Dear friends, what would you with a millionpounds ora milliondollars? What if the business ideas you are working on becomes so successful and you become the richest man/woman in your town, city or your country, what would you do with the money?

Before you ponder on these question! let me quickly give you these 5 basic FACTS.

1. You can only sleep in ONE bed  at a time

2.You can only drive ONE car at a time.

3.You can live in just ONE house at a time.

4.You can only wear ONE suit or jacket or any type of clothing at a time

5.You can only travel on ONE  flight at a time.


Asking the right questions is so crucial in getting the right answers.

If I have a million pounds today, there is an initiative very dear to my heart, Through this initiative, children are picked up from the street, and given a new lease of life. This initiative is dedicated to eradicating child poverty, Children’s lives are not only changed but they are actively involved in the change process. From a slum in Zambia to the inner-city neighbourhood in Uganda to Cameroon orphans to disadvantaged children living on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria.These lives are changed forever.

To know more about this initiative kindly log on to http://www.theinnercitymission.ngo

The world needs you, you are not for thyself only!



I found out this morning that Ladiva Millen has given birth to a boy, named King 👑 Kairo.
Ladiva Millen is the founder of Millen Magese Foundation; this is a foundation that brings awareness and finding a medical cure to Endometriosis, She has suffered from this ailment since the age of 13, she’s had 13 surgeries.
According to NHS UK, “One of the main complications of endometriosis is difficulty getting pregnant or not being able to get pregnant at all.”

Lavida Millen was the first recipient of BET INTERNATIONAL GOOD AWARD in 2015. Please check out this lovely lady’s foundation, www.millenmagesefoundation.org

I am so happy for this woman because When another Woman wins! I win!

How visualisation helped me to manifest my desire

This post is about how visualisation helped me to manifest my desire without even realising it.

Visualization is the formation of a mental image of something; It is that thought in pictures in your mind eyes. When you think about something, probably a situation or an object, an image is formed, if you can hold that image in your conscious mind, it will make an impression on your subconscious mind, and it will manifest.

I manifested my heart desire through visualisation when I didn’t even know I was doing.

I was born and lived in  Mushin, Lagos Nigeria(West Africa) in my early years, it’s an inner-city neighbourhood, I  wouldn’t describe as an average , it was below average, I wouldn’t describe it as a slum either but there was nothing middle-class about it, it also has a reputations for crime but trust me, it wasn’t bad to me as  it had a sense of community.

Growing up, because of the shortage of power, watching television was a luxury, but in the early late 90s/early 2000s, I would intentionally watch Nigerian movies that were filmed in London.If a film wasn’t shot in London; I wasn’t interested, If someone were trying to cross the road using the pelican crossing in a movie, I would vividly imagine myself as the one at a crossing or getting in a car. I mastered what the houses looked like; I learned what the doors look like, I familiarise myself with names and landmarks.

I practised this for so many years, and  I did this with joy, not with envy, I was practising without even knowing that what you honour, you attract, it’s a principle that works every time.

Years down the line, I found myself living in the city where I have always lived in my mind. See, I had no chance, but because it has been impressed upon my sub-conscious mind, it had to manifest, everything aligned itself with my desire to manifest.

If the concept of mind-management is very new to you; I would advise you to have an open mind, I have read  books on mind management, but there is a book I will highly recommend, It gives you a deeper insight into the concept of Mind management, it’s called  The Power of Your Mind by Dr Chris Oyakhilome,  This book will open your eyes to your  untapped potentials. If you would like a FREE COPY(postage free). Leave a comment below, and I will get in touch to get your details.

I hope I have served and inspired.

I love you

Ms Sunday

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