My daughters magical manifestation.

I already shared this story on my Instagram, basically, it’s how my daughter manifested her dream holiday

Since this happened, I have been wondering why children manifest their heart desires quickly more than adults. Could it be that they have no energy blocks? Could it be that their imaginary faculty is better than adults?

She came home from school on Friday and said to me someone made her sad, I asked her what the person did “I can’t remember“, was her response. That cracked me up big time,  No wonder she manifested her dream holiday less than 24 hours

I love LOA and the Manifestations, it makes me really happy, I hope one day, I will be so good at it that I will be able to help others to manifest their heart desires but for now, I have a lot of work to do on myself, especially in their area of forgiveness and allowing .

Are you into LOA and what’s your favourite book on LOA? Kindly share.


Happy New Year 2018

It’s already the 18th day of the month of January, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, this is my first post of 2018, I can’t believe it took me this long to come back here.

How was your Christmas? Mine was awesome, spent it with the most amazing people in my life, my wonderful kids.

Did you make New year resolutions? If you did, I hope it’s going well.

Am off to my favourite city in the world next week, Dallas Texas, I am so excited, I intend to travel more this year, to go somewhere different at least once a month, I pray all goes well.

I have an amazing LOA manifestation story to share in my next post, till then, keep loving yourself, you are amazing!

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