Law of attraction at work.

I came across the concept of thoughts, visualisation, the law of attraction in 2012, before that time, I had no idea about how your thoughts(images in your mind eye) words and actions can build your life, My first ever book read was Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley and after that, I watched the movie, The Secret.It just opened my mind to the world of possibilities, and since then I have been a student of mind management as it relates to personal development.I HAVE NOT BEEN CONSISTENT, but I can say I am making progress and still learning.

Law of attractions states that you attract to yourself the very image that you hold in your mind eye, whether negative or positive, this law works all the time, but it does take a lot of practice and conscious effort to master this law, what we focus on expands, whether good or bad. The truth is we all practice this law all the other time, the only thing that the AWARENESS brings is the ability to channel our thoughts to  WHAT WE WANT.What you think about, you bring about.

I can say my life has gone exactly the way I thought it would go, with the ups and the downs, it hasn’t gone past the level of my awareness and perception.I have literarily thought, prophecied my life up until this day, WITHOUT REALISING IT, I will one day share my story in a book, YES! There is a book writing project in my future, So watch out!My name is Olubunmi Sunday, PLEASE don’t forget me.

During the summer holiday, I decided to create an office space that I can work from, I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like, I wanted 6 chairs with a  table that will be similar to a  board meeting table.My son wondered why so many chairs, I told him the chair will represent the most successful businessmen and women I know Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Oprah and a couple of others.He knows am weird so he wasn’t surprised.

I wanted 6 chairs but when I saw this nice set of table and chairs in my local charity shop, I just couldn’t pass it by. Until one day, my daughter came rushing upstairs, Mum, I found a project! I knew what she was talking about, am a DIY lady, I will pick anything from the trash and try fixing it.

I have attracted THE SAME SET of chairs, I just couldn’t believe it, I knew this wasn’t a coincidence, I have attracted the very image I held in my mind. It could have been just any chairs, but it was exactly what I already had, It freaked me out and over the moon at the same time.

The chairs at the trash

After some pampering, they came out looking so beautiful.


The Law of Attraction works just like any law in the Universe, the energy we put out is exactly what we receive.

Please share in the comment section your experiences practising the law of attraction.



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