Pros and Cons of living in London

I love living in London, but there are a couple of things I wish was different. I haven’t lived anywhere aside from the country where I was born, so let’s just say I like living abroad, If I have had the opportunity to live somewhere else probably I would have loved it as much as I do now.So for now, London still ranks the best city I have lived in.

Here are my pros and cons of living in London


THE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM: London is a city you can go anywhere without a car, There are trains, trams(in some area) and my favourite are the buses because I use them regularly when am out and about.There are cycle lanes also on most of the roads, you can hop on your bicycle and pedal away.

CRIME RATE: The crime rate in London is low compared to my home country, Is like comparing death to sleep if that makes sense.

AMENITIES: Social amenities such as schools, hospitals, playgrounds are what you would expect living in the third best country in the world according to World Economic Forum, I do not take these amenities for granted.

SAFETY: You can move around freely without the fear of getting robbed or kidnapped. You can pretty live your life without bothering anyone.

NATURE: I love the parks in London, There are so many parks and open spaces to go to unwind, to spend time in nature. I recently went to a park close to my house it was breathtaking, quiet, lots of trees, and there are even standard gym pieces of equipment at the open space.

MULTICULTURAL: London city is very diverse in culture, No matter where you are from, you are bound to come across your tribe.

TRIPS: You can have a family day out trip without breaking the bank because most of the museums are free. British museums, Science museums, natural history museum and a whole lot of them. There are over 20 attractions you can go for free. Visit and for guides.

I have learnt over the years to focus more on the pros


UNFRIENDLY: People are not friendly, trust me, If you are the chitty chatty, and you like to say hello to everyone, you will be disappointed. If you say good morning to your neighbour and all you got was an awkward silence, just brush it off, that’s just the way things are. People keep to themselves a lot.

WEATHER: The weather in London could be unpredictable, is a bipolar kind of weather, It can change its mind on you without warnings. You can’t really dream of having a sunny summer, you will be disappointed.

If you live in London and your cons are same as mine, Just get on with it, as I have.

Go out more.

This life is not a rehearsal, this is it!

Enjoy life and stay committed to you.

I love you


It’s springtime ….

It’s springtime baby! Yes It is springtime, get your brushes, the dustpan, and the long broom ready, let’s get rid of the cobwebs, and that dirt hidden under the sofa.

Am talking about decluttering, decluttering the mind, clearing the junk of the mind.We all go through times that we have too much in our heads, we get too overwhelmed that we can’t even function properly.

It’s good to identify where the clutter is coming, Is it a self-made clutter or coming from someone or from a situation.

According to research, our environment not only affects how we feel, it also shapes our decisions, how incredible is that! If your mind is a little cluttered, may be its time declutter your wardrobe.Do not need the 200 pairs of shoes collecting dust? Are you going to ever wear them? If the answer is No! It could be time to give them away.As cheesy as this sounds, it does wonders, When you give something away, there is feeling you just can’t describe, by doing you might be a little closer to getting your mind lighter.

Your phone number is not public domain, It is ok not to make yourself available for everybody. You need to recognize the news breaker on your contact list.We all have someone at one point or the other in our lives, They have nothing positive, uplifting, inspiring to talk about.The more you allow junk information, the clutter your mind will be.The human mind is so powerful,  it is imperative to only allow quality people in your space to avoid mind cluttering.

Where focus goes, attention flows.If you are experiencing mind clutter, It could be that you are shifting your focus from where it ought to be, It could be a little distraction that you are not noticing.Having a cluttered mind might be a good sign to get you back to the path you are supposed to be on.

Most people get depressed or suffer mental clutter because they focus too much on themselves.Take time to think about other people, The whole world doesn’t revolve around you and it’s not all about you.

Gratitude is also a major key in getting your mind clear, When you are grateful, it puts everything in perspective.

Enjoy NOW, you need just to leave the future alone and enjoy every bit of NOW, Sometimes, we get caught up in dreams and aspirations, we forget to breathe. We should always remember that there has to be today before tomorrow.

Get the junks out …

The flowers are blooming…

The squirrels are out to play…

It’s a new day …

Winter is over…

It’s Spring…

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