Summer holidays will be over in less than a week, Should I be happy the kids are going back to school? Am not really sure. The 6 weeks holiday went by like wind, it was swift.

What a summer it was for me, it was my best ever because…

-I started blogging which I have always wanted to do

-I have clarity on future projects ( I had time Β to reflect and plan.)

-I started a project(not this blog)

-I spent quality time with the kids, we bonded, we laughed, we cooked.

-I spent time in nature

-There was not a lot of sunshine, and I didn’t complain, Yay! What an accomplishment! I used to complain a lot about London weather. I used to be a Debbie Downer when it comes to LondonΒ weather but not anymore.I have learned to accept things I can’t control, and besides, it’s not that serious.

-I met some amazing people

Over the weekend, I was at Hayling Island, it was such a beautiful beach


It was really nice to leave London and go to the country side.


It wasn’t bad after all having a summer STAYCATION


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