I am an introvert(in a world that cant stop talking)

I put my hands up I AM AN INTROVERT! For a long time, being an introvert was not something I was proud of because I thought I was too quiet, too reserved, too weird, too different.

Less than a fortnight ago, I took down a bit off of my “ABOUT PAGE “of my blog describing how I would rather email or text than getting on the phone, I  said to myself,” that’s just too weird.,Most people will not get that”.

I was wrong. Most people do get me. There are millions of people around the globe, just like me, That’s right! Lol.  Weird, quiet, awkward, they are the ones that know the answer in class but will not raise their hands up, They like to hide but always get fished out in the end. Shout to all the Introverts in the world.

I remember four years ago, the makeup artist for my daughters naming ceremony asked if she could put my picture up on Facebook, and I  declined but later agreed for her to put on Instagram . when I saw the picture, the hashtags were brutal. Hashtag so hard, hashtag weirdo,  I was offended, but looking back now, that was just funny

-As an introvert, hey, look at me is not my thing, everyone likes to be approved to some extent, but I do not live on peoples approval. If you think am awesome, cool! If you think am not, that doesn’t still bother me. You can imagine how that comes across to the folks that want their ego to be pampered.

-I would prefer if you check on me via text to see if I can talk before you call so I can mentally prepare myself.

-I used to turn off my phone on my birthday just to avoid the non-stop phone calls, except this year 2017. I did turn off my phone but just for few hours.

-I can summarise a 2 and half hours movie for you in a  few sentences, how annoying could that be.

-Arguing or talking for a long time drains me out.

-Am often drawn to people with cool, calm nature.

-I like to go to parties, but not all the time, trust me, I can’t handle going out every weekend, it’s just a waste of time.You see why I wasn’t proud to be an introvert for years. People assume you are depressed or not happy with your life just because you want to stay at home 90% of the time when most people are out.

-My favourite sentence when someone drags me in a situation where I have to verbally defend myself is “I don’t care”, lol.

-As an introvert, sometimes I think I put other peoples need first before my own, but consciously practising self-love has helped me to adjust. I still care for others, but I watch out for those that are just out to milk my kindness.

I have accepted me, I have accepted my weirdness, I have accepted my introvert ness(f that’s a word), I am happily introverted.

I AM A HAPPY INTROVERT (in a world that won’t stop talking)

If you are a proud Introvert like me, check out http://www.intovertdear.com. http://www.introvertspring.com http://www.infjoe.wordpress.com You will feel at home, take my words for it.

Get to know you!

Accept you!

And the world can catch up with you later.

I love you

Ms Sunday


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