There is research in the study of Epigenetics of how peoples perception of themselves are changing their genes. As a Christian that knows about divine healing, I understand this.

If the way I perceive myself is able to affect my genes, it’s inevitable to use the right words to describe myself or things about me. Using the right words automatically conditions your mind, if I didn’t believe at first, but I consciously use these words,  I will start having thoughts in this direction. and what I think about, i bring about.

There are my top 3 words/sentences that everyone should ban from their vocabularies.

I CANT: Most people have crippled their abilities by using the word I CANT. Human potentials are unlimited, that’s not news.History has shown how people have turned their lives around by just deciding that they can do something.Henry Ford couldn’t have said it better” if you think you can, or cant, you are right both ways. You are the one that determines what is possible for you. You have the ability to do anything YOU decide to do.


I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING: This is so common when you are finding a solution to a particular problem, and you want to give up, but you want to give yourself an excuse to do. We want to justify why we gave up on a project or why we gave on a diet that we know will serve us in years to come. Funny, isn’t it? Trust me, if you think you have tried everything, you haven’t? There is a solution to every human need, the answer came with the problem.If you haven’t found the right strategy yet to solve that problem, keep looking.Don’t close the opportunity of finding the solution by saying you have tried everything.

(Photo credit )Gymaholic

IT’S NOT MY FAULT: I cannot over emphasise the importance of taking responsibility for oneself. Owning responsibility for your choices and actions.This changed my life, it helped me to own my power, the power of options that I never knew I had.  Most people always have someone to blame for why they are they way they are, if it’s not their parents, it’s the teachers or the government. You are where you are today because of YOU! It’s nobody’s fault that you are fat, it’s nobody’s fault that you don’t have a job, Stop the complaining and get up! Own your past mistakes! It’s in the past!  Owning your own choices just gives you this control that I can’t put into words. Someone said, “WE ARE ALL SELF MADE, ONLY THE SUCCESSFUL ONES ADMIT IT”.How true is that? It’s time to stop shifting blame and use it to propel yourself forward in the direction you want to go.

Your words show how you see yourself, and your perception of you is everything.You can start now by using the right words, and it will change how you perceive yourself.You have unlimited potentials, you can do anything that you put your mind into.

Take good care of you

I love you

Ms Sunday



Add yours

  1. I like this and I think these are all things we can consider sometimes. For example for me a big one is “I’ve tried everything” and just simply giving up which is never the answer…!


  2. These are definitely words we should say less. But the last one is useful sometimes – not when it’s ‘kind of not my fault’, but when something really bad happens (e.g. rape, assault …) – the victim should be able to say that it’s not their fault. Nevertheless – in normal situations these words really don’t serve much purpose.

    Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com


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