Summer reading 📚

It is 4 am in the morning, I looked out, I was hoping to see the beautiful bright sky, but to my surprise, it was pitch dark? Is summer gone?

I set my target of reading at least 6 books before the end of the school holidays, I don’t think I ‘ve done pretty bad as we have 3 weeks left before school starts again.

There is a particular book that has been jumping in my face for the past 2 years, The 4 HOUR WORKWEEK by TIM FERRIS. It was as if everywhere I turn, almost everyone is talking about this book.So this summer, I decided to listen to the audio book, someone graciously posted it on You Tube,  I am definitely buying the hard copy in case it gets taken down.

In honour of President Obama, I decided to read this book on his birthday, my son asked why I still refer to him as President, as he is no longer the President of the United States.I tried to explain, but he didn’t seem to understand, but I hope to take him to Washington DC one day.

I am obsessed with Bill Gate, I am not going to lie, I go on his personal blog almost every week, you can’t blame me! Check Forbes list, this man is still No 1. OK, back to my obsession, Warren Buffet donating about $3.17 billion of his fortune to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation brought about my curiosity.So, last week, I went to a shop and I found this book, I just had to buy it, and it was on discount, super great!


If you are curious like me, check (It’s Bill Gates personal blog)how cool is that? and also check him and Melindas foundation and see the amazing work they are doing all around the world, especially in the eradication of  polio.Polio is nearly a thing of the past because of this foundation.   

Above are other books I have laid my hands on this summer, I have at least 4 podcasts that I have downloaded from iTunes that I haven’t listened to, sometimes it seems  24 hours isn’t enough, but it is! Am learning to manage my time more efficiently to be more productive.

What are you reading? Pls comment below.

Sending you  ❤️

Ms Sunday


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