How to stop doubting yourself

We all have dreams and visions, ideas of products and services that will serve humanity, but most of the time, the fear of am I good enough?What if? We doubt and judge ourselves before anyone else does. I have been there! I have always wanted to have a blog. Actually, I had a blog in the year 2012 when I came across my favourite daily devotion that changed my life. I had so much to share to the world, I had to write! I started writing, but there was a voice in my ear, someone close to me. He thought I should be writing about fashion, makeup, or gossips, in the end, I brought the site down. I will share with you, few lessons I have learnt, from my experience that will help you on your journey.

(1) Stop living on peoples applause and criticism; When the only thing that brings smiles to your face is when you are applauded, am really sorry to break your heart.If you waiting on peoples approval of you, you might wait forever.And even if they approve you, they might turn around tomorrow and say you are not good enough. Why not put your whole effort into yourself and tell yourself you are good enough! You are worthy of whatever you want to achieve! Your product or service is worthy of the market place.And also if criticisms are what shrinks you, it’s time to get over it! Steve Job is dead and gone, the mighty Steve Job, people still write about him that is dehumanising, So friends, you have to learn to live independently of criticism or applause. If it’s constructive criticism, that’s helping you in the direction that you are, Good! But do not let criticisms and praise be your oxygen.

(2)The opinion of others: Other peoples opinion of you has nothing to do with you, In order not to doubt yourself, you have to give people the rights to their views, Let them own it! There’s so much quest for control in the world, don’t be programmed by other peoples opinion, A  few years ago, I told a friend I wanted to work in an office, a specific establishment, he laughed it off.He laughed it off because he had a different opinion, And Guess what! I worked where exactly I wanted to work.I didn’t allow his opinion to define me.

(3)Stop comparing yourself: As a content writer, that started writing over a month ago, How can I compare myself to the mighty Stephen King? that has written over 50 books read by millions around the world, That is just insane! Comparison kills! It kills dreams and visions! Don’t compare yourself! Own your cuteness or weirdness, no one will sing your song like you, own it! There is only Bill Gates …there is only one Olubunmi Sunday, only one of you in the whole world.A mentor of mine said, there is no comparison between the moon and the stars, they shine at their own time.

Believe in your dream! Believe in you! Give no room for doubt! Your playing small will not serve anybody, so you might as well stop questioning your ability and do it anyway!

I love you

Ms Sunday


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