6 signs you no longer self-sabotage

Self-sabotage is that action that can dwarf your personal development growth, It can be described as self-inflicting injuries on your growth, and most people do it without realising, Taking self-inventory of your growth is so crucial in knowing where you are at, to assess your growth in becoming a bigger and better you.

The following are few of my checklist to measure if I am self-sabotaging or making progress on my journey of becoming a greater and better version of myself.

  • Gratitude: Considering how un-deciding  London weather can be, I used to find myself in conversations discussing how horrible the weather is, how dreadful the weather is, how how how…… the list is endless. You see, I asked myself would I prefer to live in a 46degrees weather? Or live in London.The latter was my answer. What I had to do was shift my focus to what I can control, and it’s helped me a great deal.And every day, am grateful, whether the sun is shining or not.And when you are thankful, it puts you in an atmosphere of joy which attracts more things to be grateful for, which results in growth.
  • Time-management: When you are able to account for your 24 hours, knowing your time was spent on things that are productive, you are definitely on the journey of becoming a better version of yourself and not self-sabotaging your growth as you are increasing your productivity every day.
  • Self-respect: When you are able to look people in the face and tell them “don’t try that (bleep)with me”. When you are truly a genuine person, and you often give your all in helping people, sometimes people get it twisted and think “she’s cool, or he’s cool… and they like to cross the line.You have to definitely learn how to put your middle finger in the air without even lifting your finger, it’s called Boundaries, drawing the line. Letting them know, this is the line, don’t cross it.Someone said, If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.
  • When you no longer fit yourself in peoples schedules: When you are in control of where you want to be, When you stop being available for everything and only make time for what matters, you are definitely not sabotaging yourself.
  • The power of association:You are a reflection of the people you speak to and listento,  the books you read, the information you open yourself to, someone said if you are smartest in your group, then you need to find a new group.When you decided to stop hanging around friends that only talk about how bad the economy is, or how wrong the government is, then you are on your way.
  • When the circle is getting smaller: I love this! You cannot fit a million pounds idea in Penny’smind, and like attracts like,and knowing your vibe is attracting your tribe, Your circle will get smaller, and the smaller the circle, the better.The ones that are meant for you on your journey, will always be there supporting you, cheering you on like there’s no tomorrow.

Be you! Do you! Stay committed to your dreams and visions!Take responsibility as if everything depends on it.

I hope I have served and inspired you.

I love you

Ms Sunday



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