I don’t like this …syndrome

I DONT LIKE THIS… she said with her finger pointing at me with a disgusted look as she walked by
I was wondering what in the world she was talking about …
I later figured out she was talking about my hair
My Afro kinky, short, born with, beautiful hair.
Oh ! I smiled …..

I don’t like this syndrome ...IDLT (as i call it)is what people goย through when there is ametamorphosis in their life or the life of someone close to them.

Change is not comfortable, it’s definitely not a comfort zone, and it’s not everyone that will jump on your bandwagon.

When a woman who has been battered emotionally andย physically for years decided to raise her voice and tell her husband, he cannot lay his hands on her anymore …..
There will be symptoms of IDLT syndrome

When you decided to eat organic food or decide to cut sugar, and not give your body the junk that is used to …
There will be symptoms of IDLT syndrome

When you decided to cut off those pity party friends and take responsibility for your life
There will be symptoms of IDLT syndrome

When you stop having time for their “not going anywhere conversations ” gossips dressed in gist conversations ” you are going to get something like “she’s so full of himself/herself.
Don’t worry,๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s all symptoms of IDLT syndrome

When you decided to challenge yourself, read those books ๐Ÿ“š that you wouldn’t usually read, go on a possibility thinking diet, or stop watching the mainstream media news
Your brain will give you an IDLT …

When you decided to join a gym or a dance class to keep fit
Your body will say ….IDLT the following morning.

If you are suffering from IDLT syndrome, don’t worry, keep pushing, keep forging ahead .. Keep your eyes on the prize.

If it’s someone close to you that is giving you IDLT vibes, don’t worry about it, They will get it! And if they don’t! That’s still OK!

Do you! Be you! You ‘ve come on a long way! Keep going! You are bigger on the inside, don’t let anything stop you! Allow the greatness to manifest …


I love you
Ms Sunday


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