Who wants to be a millionaire?

I asked my daughter “what would you do with a million pounds“? I knew she didn’t have an idea what a  million pound is,  but I was just asking her a question that would develop her critical thinking skills.by the way, meet my daughter.I call her Queen Bethel

This is how the conversation went.

MUM: What would you do with a million pounds?

DAUGHTER: I will use it to buy candy for myself.

MUM:  what if it was too much for yourself?

DAUGHTER: I will use it to buy to candy for Holly and Skye (Holly and Skye are my neighbour’s  children.

MUM: What if it was too much for just you, Holly and Skye?

DAUGHTER: I will use it to buy candy for all the children in my class(she ended up saying all the children in the school.

MUM: what if it was still more than enough for all the children and all the teachers in the school?

DAUGHTER: I will use it to buy candy for all the children in the world that don’t have candy.

YES! I finally got the answer I wanted, I just wanted her to think beyond herself,beyond her friends,beyond the people she knows right now.

Dear friends, what would you with a millionpounds ora milliondollars? What if the business ideas you are working on becomes so successful and you become the richest man/woman in your town, city or your country, what would you do with the money?

Before you ponder on these question! let me quickly give you these 5 basic FACTS.

1. You can only sleep in ONE bed  at a time

2.You can only drive ONE car at a time.

3.You can live in just ONE house at a time.

4.You can only wear ONE suit or jacket or any type of clothing at a time

5.You can only travel on ONE  flight at a time.


Asking the right questions is so crucial in getting the right answers.

If I have a million pounds today, there is an initiative very dear to my heart, Through this initiative, children are picked up from the street, and given a new lease of life. This initiative is dedicated to eradicating child poverty, Children’s lives are not only changed but they are actively involved in the change process. From a slum in Zambia to the inner-city neighbourhood in Uganda to Cameroon orphans to disadvantaged children living on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria.These lives are changed forever.

To know more about this initiative kindly log on to http://www.theinnercitymission.ngo

The world needs you, you are not for thyself only!



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  1. It is always joyful to know that their are still people who share the same vision and passion to touch the lives of others in a positive way. As the world is filled with wicked and self centred people, every hardship and pain in this world is man made as a result of their evil desires. But thank God for Rome 12vs21.

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