How visualisation helped me to manifest my desire

This post is about how visualisation helped me to manifest my desire without even realising it.

Visualization is the formation of a mental image of something; It is that thought in pictures in your mind eyes. When you think about something, probably a situation or an object, an image is formed, if you can hold that image in your conscious mind, it will make an impression on your subconscious mind, and it will manifest.

I manifested my heart desire through visualisation when I didn’t even know I was doing.

I was born and lived in  Mushin, Lagos Nigeria(West Africa) in my early years, it’s an inner-city neighbourhood, I  wouldn’t describe as an average , it was below average, I wouldn’t describe it as a slum either but there was nothing middle-class about it, it also has a reputations for crime but trust me, it wasn’t bad to me as  it had a sense of community.

Growing up, because of the shortage of power, watching television was a luxury, but in the early late 90s/early 2000s, I would intentionally watch Nigerian movies that were filmed in London.If a film wasn’t shot in London; I wasn’t interested, If someone were trying to cross the road using the pelican crossing in a movie, I would vividly imagine myself as the one at a crossing or getting in a car. I mastered what the houses looked like; I learned what the doors look like, I familiarise myself with names and landmarks.

I practised this for so many years, and  I did this with joy, not with envy, I was practising without even knowing that what you honour, you attract, it’s a principle that works every time.

Years down the line, I found myself living in the city where I have always lived in my mind. See, I had no chance, but because it has been impressed upon my sub-conscious mind, it had to manifest, everything aligned itself with my desire to manifest.

If the concept of mind-management is very new to you; I would advise you to have an open mind, I have read  books on mind management, but there is a book I will highly recommend, It gives you a deeper insight into the concept of Mind management, it’s called  The Power of Your Mind by Dr Chris Oyakhilome,  This book will open your eyes to your  untapped potentials. If you would like a FREE COPY(postage free). Leave a comment below, and I will get in touch to get your details.

I hope I have served and inspired.

I love you

Ms Sunday


2 thoughts on “How visualisation helped me to manifest my desire

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  1. I love this, I totally agree with thinking the right thoughts. There is power in our imaginations.
    And it cost you nothing, imagination is free. Use your mind well to create the future you want.
    Well Done
    Ms Sunday 👍


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