When change comes…Don’t fight it

We all want to make progress, be it in spirituality, health, emotional well being, finances, all areas, but when this change comes, most people fight it! They resent it, Why? Because it didn’t come like their favourite meal, in their favourite restaurant, in their beloved city, dining with their favourite person, wearing their favourite clothes.

The change will probably come like a bang in your forehead, like tonnes of bricks on your head, it will come in the form of distress, pain, anguish, but if you can just hold on and trust the process, you will be amazed!

A few years ago, I had to move, I had to leave where I was living, it was tough ! not because I had to go to a different area, it was tough because I had nowhere to go! I was homeless! It wasn’t by choice, but everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Before this time, I have been praying and doing some soul searching.I wanted a change, but I wasn’t specific about what I wanted.

Fast forward 6 months after, we had a place to live, but I was still struggling. I was still living in regrets of how we had to leave all we knew to live somewhere else.I was still travelling almost 3 hours to drop my son at school when there is a school just across the road,  I was resisting the change, I was fighting what I prayed for, and I didn’t even realise, I was a mess! Stressed, no money, no job!

Looking back now, Wow! It was meant to be, So many great things have happened and still happening. This summer, my son got a bursary to attend FSOR,(FSOR is a music charity) he also has a music scholarship with Becky Dell Music Academy, He goes to an Ofsted Outstanding rated school, He has head-teachers and teachers that are absolutely fantastic!
We have neighbours that I could knock on their door to ask for anything, We go to a happy church(cause we had to leave our former church, that’s another story entirely )we have an amazing Pastor, Life is good,😊 I can say that!

One of my mentors said, If you are going throughit,don’t go with it.

That nagging co-worker could be the wake-up call for you to start thinking about how you can start your own business, or change careers, whatever it is, pay attention!That problem came with the solution, look inward.

I hope I have inspired you, to trust the process of whatever change you are going through.

I love you

Ms Sunday


11 thoughts on “When change comes…Don’t fight it

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  1. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that change, after everything you’ve done and put in just to get to that stage in your life, all just seems but a waste of effort. But look again cos everything in life works to build you up for that great place you are meant to be.

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  2. Change is growth. It brings you out of shell and gives you the opportunity to become a better person if handled rightly. Thanks for your thoughts.

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