Embarking on any goal stretches you, it takes you out of your comfort zone, if it is a fitness goal if the aim is to create multiple streams of income to get out of the rat race, move to a different city, or saving money for the deposit on your first home.Whatsoever the goal is, there will be days you will need to motivate yourself, there are days you want to give up, For that vision to manifest, there are sure to be humps and bumps in the road.




Here are my 3 top tips that will help you in keeping your eyes on the prize.

      • WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO START: You might have to revisit the reason you started, was it a health issue that prompted you to set the fitness goal, what is that boss at work ?or the nagging co worker that made you want to start your own business, What was the situation that pushed you? Did you become self-employed to enjoy the freedom of working from home or spend quality time with your family, take a chance to ponder upon your WHY?
        • WHAT IS THE BIGGER PICTURE: What is the end game in mind, can you see yourself in the healthy weight with no medical complications, what exactly is the vision?Can you see how much your life will change if you reach your financial goal?How much will the relationship with your children change if you are able to spend quality with them if that’s the goal?
          • FEED YOUR MIND WITH THE RIGHT INFORMATION:  Read, or study someone that has gone through what you are going through,.If it’s business, read about someone that turned a collapsing business around, if it is a fitness goal study, someone that took charge of the health after suffering an ill health due to being overweight.Whatever you are trying to do, there is someone out that has done exactly what you are trying to do, and that has gone through what you are going through.

          I hope I have inspired you to stay focused on that goal, Learn to trust the process, it might not be smooth, but don’t get discouraged, be your own cheerleader, your own No 1 Supporter, keep going! Stay committed to that goal, it will be worth it.

          I love you

          Ms Sunday


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