How I stay happy.

We all know that no one can give tips on how to be happy, it’s either you decide to be happy or not, but staying happy,  protecting your happiness, guarding the glow ,that can be emulated, you can watch someone else’s life and watch how they keep things together and apply that to your own life.

Staying happy is a conscious effort, trust me,There was a time in my life that I could not find reasons to be , I had things going wrong, it felt like the world was on my shoulders, but as time goes by, I figured out that to stay happy is a conscious effort and it is my personal responsibility to keep myself happy, no one is in charge of my happiness.It is no one’s job to make or keep me happy.


These are my top 5 tips on staying happy, it is helping me immensely to manage my emotions to stay happy.

  1. TURN OFF THE TV: As a mentor of mine said, “Turn off the television and tune in into your own vision”. We live in a world that you don’t need to look for news for news to find you, it’s everywhere, and managing your emotions is a full-time job, managing what information comes to you has to be consciously managed, There was a time I used to watch the news almost 24 hours a day, Human mind is too delicate to be fed with news from mainstream media every day, Get off those blogs that all you read is about people getting killed or getting beheaded, you don’t have to know every single thing going on in the world. If you don’t take control of your focus, the world will do it for you.I still listen to the news but am selective, I focus more on news that uplifts and inspires me.
  2. MIND YOUR BUSINESS; MIND YOUR LIFE: You probably doesn’t like gossips like me, but sometimes we found ourselves meddling into other peoples lives without even realising, I am, and still learning to mind my business, It is impossible to spend hours talking about someone else and be happy.  Get off peoples case and focus on yourself, Your life is your business.
  3. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF: Nothing is worth stressing over, a  while ago, I got a call from my landlord that I owed some money, it wasn’t a lot of money, but the issue was that it wasn’t planned for, and I felt like I was being pressured  to pay the money urgently, I wasn’t happy about it, I allowed the situation to get the best of me. Fast forward to a week later, I got a call that it was a mistake, and I am not owing.I actually lost sleep over a problem that didn’t exist. There is nothing worth stressing over, it’s all good baby!
  4. YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING: Letting go of situations that I can’t control is helping me to stay happy,  If someone has a false opinion of me, that is their opinion, not mine.I know this is hard for most people, as human beings, we want to be liked, we want to fit in, but you have to realise that you are a custom made, you are not one size fits all, it’s not everyone that will like or accept you, and that is OK! Let go of the control and stay happy.
  5. GRATITUDE: This is my biggest tip on staying happy, every day, I wake up, and think about where I was years ago and where I am now, I take inventory of the things I am grateful, the people, the experiences, the good, the lessons learnt. When you are genuinely grateful, you are bound to stay happy. When I catch myself thinking about the challenges, I put on some music and dance. Do whatever works for you, take a walk, put on some music. Do something.

Change your focus, change your life, Stay happy!

I love you

Ms Sunday


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