How to love ….from afar

If they constantly bring you negative vibes, nothing positive to bring to the table, and you are even scared to tell them about your visions and dreams, you are dealing with an energy drainer that needs to be loved from afar.
Being around them alone sucks positive energy out of you, and if you are In the process of getting yourself filled with positive energy, positive vibrations, the last thing you need is an energy drainer or someone that will frustrate your effort of being happy and enjoying your beautiful life.These are my top 3 practical ways of keeping energy drainers at bay img_1663

  • Decision decision decision : Sit yourself down and decide within yourself you are going to keep yourself away from this person , energy flows where attention goes, and since you are focusing on loving yourself and creating an environment that supports your growth, you do not need situations that will frustrate your effort, not because you hate them or stopped loving, but just because you are In the process of healing or learning to love yourself.Get a journal and write down your decision. I (put your name ) decide today to always create an environment that supports my growth, I choose to only allow quality people in my life that truly loves and cares for me. then sign it, Boom!
  • Strategies: What are the options you have? What are the things you have to do?Are they your go-to-person in times of crisis?May be it’s time to find someone else, Do you have to move?do you have to block their number on your cell phone?Or change your number?Do you have to block them on your social media account?Until you can mentally distance yourself from them, you have to physically move away from the situation.
  • Enjoy your life: Now that you have successfully kept this energy draining person in your life at bay, keep loving them from your heart, pray for them, wish them well, Focus on things that genuinely make you smile, focus on being a better person for yourself and for the people around you.

I love you
Ms Sunday


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