My 7-day vegan eating challenge update + Sunday lunch with

Hey! Beautiful people,
My 7-day vegan challenge was a success, I loved every bit of juicing, I will be sharing some recipes very soon.
But today, I have a guest on my blog, and he’s doing some cooking 🍳 He is making some delicious lasagna.

If you are interested how we arrive at this gorgeous dish, here is a video below for you, Enjoy 😊

GUEST CHEF:👨‍🍳 Zion Omo-Adesanya of

Ingredients :
lasagna sheets
Minced beef
Plum tomatoes
Cottage cheese
Grated cheddar cheese

Get your pre-teenager or teenager to check out his blog, He’s got some educative, entertaining, inspiring, contents lined up.

Love always
Ms Sunday


When change comes…Don’t fight it

We all want to make progress, be it in spirituality, health, emotional well being, finances, all areas, but when this change comes, most people fight it! They resent it, Why? Because it didn’t come like their favourite meal, in their favourite restaurant, in their beloved city, dining with their favourite person, wearing their favourite clothes.

The change will probably come like a bang in your forehead, like tonnes of bricks on your head, it will come in the form of distress, pain, anguish, but if you can just hold on and trust the process, you will be amazed!

A few years ago, I had to move, I had to leave where I was living, it was tough ! not because I had to go to a different area, it was tough because I had nowhere to go! I was homeless! It wasn’t by choice, but everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Before this time, I have been praying and doing some soul searching.I wanted a change, but I wasn’t specific about what I wanted.

Fast forward 6 months after, we had a place to live, but I was still struggling. I was still living in regrets of how we had to leave all we knew to live somewhere else.I was still travelling almost 3 hours to drop my son at school when there is a school just across the road,  I was resisting the change, I was fighting what I prayed for, and I didn’t even realise, I was a mess! Stressed, no money, no job!

Looking back now, Wow! It was meant to be, So many great things have happened and still happening. This summer, my son got a bursary to attend FSOR,(FSOR is a music charity) he also has a music scholarship with Becky Dell Music Academy, He goes to an Ofsted Outstanding rated school, He has head-teachers and teachers that are absolutely fantastic!
We have neighbours that I could knock on their door to ask for anything, We go to a happy church(cause we had to leave our former church, that’s another story entirely )we have an amazing Pastor, Life is good,😊 I can say that!

One of my mentors said, If you are going throughit,don’t go with it.

That nagging co-worker could be the wake-up call for you to start thinking about how you can start your own business, or change careers, whatever it is, pay attention!That problem came with the solution, look inward.

I hope I have inspired you, to trust the process of whatever change you are going through.

I love you

Ms Sunday

Dear Charlie….

Few minutes after posting my tips on not giving up, I found out the parents of Charlie Gard has given up their fight with the courts to allow Charlie to the US for an experimental treatment, Charlie suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes muscle weakness and brain damage.
I still cannot believe the four months legal battle to save Charlie ended this way, The parents decided to withdraw the request from the courts, Charlie’s life support machine will be turned off in few days.It is sad.😭

Please still pray for Charlie ….



Embarking on any goal stretches you, it takes you out of your comfort zone, if it is a fitness goal if the aim is to create multiple streams of income to get out of the rat race, move to a different city, or saving money for the deposit on your first home.Whatsoever the goal is, there will be days you will need to motivate yourself, there are days you want to give up, For that vision to manifest, there are sure to be humps and bumps in the road.




Here are my 3 top tips that will help you in keeping your eyes on the prize.

      • WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO START: You might have to revisit the reason you started, was it a health issue that prompted you to set the fitness goal, what is that boss at work ?or the nagging co worker that made you want to start your own business, What was the situation that pushed you? Did you become self-employed to enjoy the freedom of working from home or spend quality time with your family, take a chance to ponder upon your WHY?
        • WHAT IS THE BIGGER PICTURE: What is the end game in mind, can you see yourself in the healthy weight with no medical complications, what exactly is the vision?Can you see how much your life will change if you reach your financial goal?How much will the relationship with your children change if you are able to spend quality with them if that’s the goal?
          • FEED YOUR MIND WITH THE RIGHT INFORMATION:  Read, or study someone that has gone through what you are going through,.If it’s business, read about someone that turned a collapsing business around, if it is a fitness goal study, someone that took charge of the health after suffering an ill health due to being overweight.Whatever you are trying to do, there is someone out that has done exactly what you are trying to do, and that has gone through what you are going through.

          I hope I have inspired you to stay focused on that goal, Learn to trust the process, it might not be smooth, but don’t get discouraged, be your own cheerleader, your own No 1 Supporter, keep going! Stay committed to that goal, it will be worth it.

          I love you

          Ms Sunday

          Am now a vegan😱😱😱

          Hey, beautiful people!
          Am thinking of going on a 7-day vegan eating challenge, What???

          Not sure but🤔 why not, I am learning to stretch myself, to do things I wouldn’t normally do, to talk to people I wouldn’t normally talk to, to go to places I wouldn’t usually go to, why not? Change is good and I am all about good experiences. So on my way from church today, I decided to buy some fruits and vegetables and blended it in my magic bullet that hasn’t been used in ages.

          Grapes 🍇

          Guess what? It came out so good and delicious,😋 Life is good for real 😊

          It was so yummy,😋 now I feel sleepy 😌
          See you guys later

          How I stay happy.

          We all know that no one can give tips on how to be happy, it’s either you decide to be happy or not, but staying happy,  protecting your happiness, guarding the glow ,that can be emulated, you can watch someone else’s life and watch how they keep things together and apply that to your own life.

          Staying happy is a conscious effort, trust me,There was a time in my life that I could not find reasons to be , I had things going wrong, it felt like the world was on my shoulders, but as time goes by, I figured out that to stay happy is a conscious effort and it is my personal responsibility to keep myself happy, no one is in charge of my happiness.It is no one’s job to make or keep me happy.


          These are my top 5 tips on staying happy, it is helping me immensely to manage my emotions to stay happy.

          1. TURN OFF THE TV: As a mentor of mine said, “Turn off the television and tune in into your own vision”. We live in a world that you don’t need to look for news for news to find you, it’s everywhere, and managing your emotions is a full-time job, managing what information comes to you has to be consciously managed, There was a time I used to watch the news almost 24 hours a day, Human mind is too delicate to be fed with news from mainstream media every day, Get off those blogs that all you read is about people getting killed or getting beheaded, you don’t have to know every single thing going on in the world. If you don’t take control of your focus, the world will do it for you.I still listen to the news but am selective, I focus more on news that uplifts and inspires me.
          2. MIND YOUR BUSINESS; MIND YOUR LIFE: You probably doesn’t like gossips like me, but sometimes we found ourselves meddling into other peoples lives without even realising, I am, and still learning to mind my business, It is impossible to spend hours talking about someone else and be happy.  Get off peoples case and focus on yourself, Your life is your business.
          3. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF: Nothing is worth stressing over, a  while ago, I got a call from my landlord that I owed some money, it wasn’t a lot of money, but the issue was that it wasn’t planned for, and I felt like I was being pressured  to pay the money urgently, I wasn’t happy about it, I allowed the situation to get the best of me. Fast forward to a week later, I got a call that it was a mistake, and I am not owing.I actually lost sleep over a problem that didn’t exist. There is nothing worth stressing over, it’s all good baby!
          4. YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING: Letting go of situations that I can’t control is helping me to stay happy,  If someone has a false opinion of me, that is their opinion, not mine.I know this is hard for most people, as human beings, we want to be liked, we want to fit in, but you have to realise that you are a custom made, you are not one size fits all, it’s not everyone that will like or accept you, and that is OK! Let go of the control and stay happy.
          5. GRATITUDE: This is my biggest tip on staying happy, every day, I wake up, and think about where I was years ago and where I am now, I take inventory of the things I am grateful, the people, the experiences, the good, the lessons learnt. When you are genuinely grateful, you are bound to stay happy. When I catch myself thinking about the challenges, I put on some music and dance. Do whatever works for you, take a walk, put on some music. Do something.

          Change your focus, change your life, Stay happy!

          I love you

          Ms Sunday

          How to love ….from afar

          If they constantly bring you negative vibes, nothing positive to bring to the table, and you are even scared to tell them about your visions and dreams, you are dealing with an energy drainer that needs to be loved from afar.
          Being around them alone sucks positive energy out of you, and if you are In the process of getting yourself filled with positive energy, positive vibrations, the last thing you need is an energy drainer or someone that will frustrate your effort of being happy and enjoying your beautiful life.These are my top 3 practical ways of keeping energy drainers at bay img_1663

          • Decision decision decision : Sit yourself down and decide within yourself you are going to keep yourself away from this person , energy flows where attention goes, and since you are focusing on loving yourself and creating an environment that supports your growth, you do not need situations that will frustrate your effort, not because you hate them or stopped loving, but just because you are In the process of healing or learning to love yourself.Get a journal and write down your decision. I (put your name ) decide today to always create an environment that supports my growth, I choose to only allow quality people in my life that truly loves and cares for me. then sign it, Boom!
          • Strategies: What are the options you have? What are the things you have to do?Are they your go-to-person in times of crisis?May be it’s time to find someone else, Do you have to move?do you have to block their number on your cell phone?Or change your number?Do you have to block them on your social media account?Until you can mentally distance yourself from them, you have to physically move away from the situation.
          • Enjoy your life: Now that you have successfully kept this energy draining person in your life at bay, keep loving them from your heart, pray for them, wish them well, Focus on things that genuinely make you smile, focus on being a better person for yourself and for the people around you.

          I love you
          Ms Sunday


          Thank you for stopping by! It is my pleasure to have you, My name is Olubunmi Sunday, but you can call me Ms Sunday, that’s cool!

          I have always wanted to blog! I am that sort of person that would text or email rather than get on the phone, I get worn out talking for too long or listening to someone that wouldn’t stop talking, trust me! I am that unique, lol. I get my message across more in writing than talking, I describe myself as an introvert with a voice, you get me now???

          On this blog, I will be writing about everything, from money saving tips to self-development tips, to books that I am reading, and probably occasional vlogs,.I am on a journey of being a better version of myself and  as a saying goes “Success leaves clues”, so is failure too, am watching, observing, reading and listening to people that are where I want to be in all areas, this is my main purpose of this blog, to  share with you what am learning so we can grow together and be a better version of ourselves .

          I hope to serve and inspire you.

          With love



          Ms Sunday
























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