Law of attraction at work.

I came across the concept of thoughts, visualisation, the law of attraction in 2012, before that time, I had no idea about how your thoughts(images in your mind eye) words and actions can build your life, My first ever book read was Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley and after that, I watched the movie, The Secret.It just opened my mind to the world of possibilities, and since then I have been a student of mind management as it relates to personal development.I HAVERead more

When life gets in the way…

It has been a while on this blog, kids are back in school, back to routines, it’s cold, winter is here, no internet at home,(changing provider)didn’t realize how much I depended on internet connection until now.. oh gosh! I haven’t had time to sit down to write as much as I would love to, at least 3 posts on the draft section, it’s a little too much right now especially with the internet connection. If you would like to be aRead more

Pros and Cons of living in London

I love living in London, but there are a couple of things I wish was different. I haven’t lived anywhere aside from the country where I was born, so let’s just say I like living abroad, If I have had the opportunity to live somewhere else probably I would have loved it as much as I do now.So for now, London still ranks the best city I have lived in. Here are my pros and cons of living in London THE PROSRead more

It’s springtime ….

It’s springtime baby! Yes It is springtime, get your brushes, the dustpan, and the long broom ready, let’s get rid of the cobwebs, and that dirt hidden under the sofa. Am talking about decluttering, decluttering the mind, clearing the junk of the mind.We all go through times that we have too much in our heads, we get too overwhelmed that we can’t even function properly. It’s good to identify where the clutter is coming, Is it a self-made clutter or coming from someoneRead more


Summer holidays will be over in less than a week, Should I be happy the kids are going back to school? Am not really sure. The 6 weeks holiday went by like wind, it was swift. What a summer it was for me, it was my best ever because… -I started blogging which I have always wanted to do -I have clarity on future projects ( I had time  to reflect and plan.) -I started a project(not this blog) -IRead more

The longest journey….

I found this quote watching a documentary on Gaia, I finally (procrastinated for a while )subscribed 2 days ago and I have literarily binged.If Metaphysics, consciousness, and those that type of stuff makes you tingle on the inside. Check it out, the quote goes like this The longest journey you will ever make in life is from your head to your heart. How true is this? For me, this resonates so much, I am very intuitive, I have always been,  (i thinkRead more

I am an introvert(in a world that cant stop talking)

I put my hands up I AM AN INTROVERT! For a long time, being an introvert was not something I was proud of because I thought I was too quiet, too reserved, too weird, too different. Less than a fortnight ago, I took down a bit off of my “ABOUT PAGE “of my blog describing how I would rather email or text than getting on the phone, I  said to myself,” that’s just too weird.,Most people will not get that”. I wasRead more

Who made these rules anyway?

In the world today, there is so much of monkey do what monkey sees. We do so many things without even asking questions. Following trends that someone, somewhere, started, and we call it “the in thing”. Like a decade ago, mix matching coloured clothing was a no-no, until recently, probably like 6 years ago, “they” said now it’s ok to mix match coloured clothing, and they call it “colour blocking”. Recently, my 4-year-old daughter told me she wants to haveRead more

When you start loving yourself.

–When you start loving yourself, you realise, there no out there, or in here, you realise everything is interconnected, you start seeing everyone through the eyes of love.–When you start to give all of your love to you, you start attracting positive and loving people because your vibe is attracting your tribe.–When you start loving yourself, your circle becomes smaller, and relationships that are not serving your growth falls off without even trying.–When you start to love yourself, you recognise relationship or friendship thatRead more


There is research in the study of Epigenetics of how peoples perception of themselves are changing their genes. As a Christian that knows about divine healing, I understand this. If the way I perceive myself is able to affect my genes, it’s inevitable to use the right words to describe myself or things about me. Using the right words automatically conditions your mind, if I didn’t believe at first, but I consciously use these words,  I will start having thoughts inRead more