What happened to me ???

Damn ! It’s been a while here ! What happened to me? why did I abandon my beautiful , amazing community! Can I even still put my thoughts down for someone else to read and benefit from ūü§Ē

A lot has happened! I moved to Texas ! And it’s been amazing . My kids can’t wait to visit London again ,but for me , am good ! I love the weather and I love the people .

On the flight with my babies

I think Texans are the most warm people I have ever seen, they say hello and open the door for you, My kids didn’t like the weather at first but they are getting used to it now .My son wants to keep his British accent ( we shall see how that goes ūüôĄ)and my daughter can switch from British to American accent in a twinkle of an eye which I find very funny . So far so good , life is good !

Hmm ūü§Ē, am a bit rusty right now, don’t know what to write, hopefully it gets better .

Have a good one ūüėä( like Americans would say )


My daughters magical manifestation.

I already shared this story on my Instagram, basically, it’s how my daughter manifested her dream holiday

Since this happened, I have been wondering why children manifest their heart desires quickly more than adults. Could it be that they have no energy blocks? Could it be that their imaginary faculty is better than adults?

She came home from school on Friday and said to me someone made her sad, I asked her what the person did “I can’t remember“, was her response. That cracked me up big time,¬† No wonder she manifested her dream holiday less than 24 hours

I love LOA and the Manifestations, it makes me really happy, I hope one day, I will be so good at it that I will be able to help others to manifest their heart desires but for now, I have a lot of work to do on myself, especially in their area of forgiveness and allowing .

Are you into LOA and what’s your favourite book on LOA? Kindly share.

Happy New Year 2018

It’s already the 18th day of the month of January, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, this is my first post of 2018, I can’t believe¬†it took me this long to come back here.

How was your Christmas? Mine was awesome, spent it with the most amazing people in my life, my wonderful kids.

Did you make New year resolutions? If you did, I hope it’s going well.

Am off to my favourite city in the world next week, Dallas Texas, I am so excited, I intend to travel more this year, to go somewhere different at least once a month, I pray all goes well.

I have an amazing LOA manifestation story to share in my next post, till then, keep loving yourself, you are amazing!

Law of attraction at work.

I came across the concept of thoughts, visualisation, the law of attraction in 2012, before that time, I had no idea about how your thoughts(images in your mind eye) words and actions can build your life, My first ever book read was Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley and after that, I watched the movie, The Secret.It just opened my mind to the world of possibilities, and since then I have been a student of mind management as it relates to personal development.I HAVE NOT BEEN CONSISTENT, but I can say I am making progress and still learning.

Law of attractions states that you attract to yourself the very image that you hold in your mind eye, whether negative or positive, this law works all the time, but it does take a lot of practice and conscious effort to master this law, what we focus on expands, whether good or bad. The truth is we all practice this law all the other time, the only thing that the AWARENESS brings is the ability to channel our thoughts to  WHAT WE WANT.What you think about, you bring about.

I can say my life has gone exactly¬†the way I thought it would go, with the ups and the downs, it hasn’t¬†gone past the level of my awareness and perception.I have literarily thought, prophecied my life up until this day, WITHOUT REALISING IT, I will one day share my story in a book, YES! There is a book writing project in my future, So watch out!My name is Olubunmi Sunday, PLEASE don’t¬†forget me.

During the summer holiday, I decided to create an office space that I can work from, I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like, I wanted 6 chairs with a ¬†table that will be similar to a¬† board meeting table.My son wondered why so many chairs, I told him the chair will represent the most successful¬†businessmen and women I¬†know Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Oprah¬†and a couple of others.He knows am weird so he wasn’t¬†surprised.

I wanted 6 chairs but when I saw this nice set of table and chairs in my local charity shop, I just couldn’t pass it by. Until one day, my daughter came rushing upstairs, Mum, I¬†found a project! I knew what she was talking about, am a DIY¬†lady, I will pick anything from the trash and try fixing it.

I have attracted THE SAME SET of chairs, I just couldn’t¬†believe it, I knew this wasn’t¬†a coincidence, I have attracted the very image I held in my mind. It could have been just any chairs, but it was exactly¬†what I already had, It freaked me out and over the moon at the same time.

The chairs at the trash

After some pampering, they came out looking so beautiful.


The Law of Attraction works just like any law in the Universe, the energy we put out is exactly what we receive.

Please share in the comment section your experiences practising the law of attraction.


Pros and Cons of living in London

I love living in London, but there are a couple of things I wish was different. I haven’t¬†lived anywhere aside from the country where I was born, so let’s just say I like living abroad, If I have had the opportunity to live somewhere else probably I would have loved it as much as I do now.So for now,¬†London still ranks the best city I have lived in.

Here are my pros and cons of living in London


THE TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM: London is a city you can go anywhere without a car, There are trains, trams(in some area) and my favourite are the buses because I use them regularly when am out and about.There are cycle lanes also on most of the roads, you can hop on your bicycle and pedal away.

CRIME RATE: The crime rate in London is low compared to my home country, Is like comparing death to sleep if that makes sense.

AMENITIES: Social amenities such as schools, hospitals, playgrounds are what you would expect living in the third best country in the world according to World Economic Forum, I do not take these amenities for granted.

SAFETY: You can move around freely without the fear of getting robbed or kidnapped. You can pretty live your life without bothering anyone.

NATURE: I love the parks in London, There are so many parks and open spaces to go to unwind, to spend time in nature. I recently went to a park close to my house it was breathtaking, quiet, lots of trees, and there are even standard gym pieces of equipment at the open space.

MULTICULTURAL: London city is very diverse in culture, No matter where you are from, you are bound to come across your tribe.

TRIPS: You can have a family day out trip without breaking the bank because most of the museums are free. British museums, Science museums, natural history museum and a whole lot of them. There are over 20 attractions you can go for free. Visit http://www.visitlondon.com and http://www.timeout.com for guides.

I have learnt over the years to focus more on the pros


UNFRIENDLY: People are not friendly, trust me, If you are the chitty chatty, and you like to say hello to everyone, you will be disappointed. If you say good morning to your neighbour and all you got was an awkward silence, just brush it off, that’s just the way things are. People keep to themselves a lot.

WEATHER: The weather in London could be unpredictable, is a bipolar kind of weather, It can change its mind on you without warnings. You can’t really dream of having a sunny summer, you will be disappointed.

If you live in London and your cons are same as mine, Just get on with it, as I have.

Go out more.

This life is not a rehearsal, this is it!

Enjoy life and stay committed to you.

I love you

It’s springtime ….

It’s springtime baby! Yes It is springtime, get your brushes, the dustpan, and the¬†long broom ready, let’s get rid of the cobwebs, and that dirt hidden under the sofa.

Am talking about decluttering, decluttering the mind, clearing the junk of the mind.We all go through times that we have too much in our heads, we get too overwhelmed that we can’t even function properly.

It’s good to identify where the clutter is coming, Is it a¬†self-made¬†clutter or coming from someone or from a situation.

According to research, our environment not only affects how we feel, it also shapes our decisions, how incredible is that! If your mind is a little cluttered, may be its time declutter your wardrobe.Do not need the 200 pairs of shoes collecting dust? Are you going to ever wear them? If the answer is No! It could be time to give them away.As cheesy as this sounds, it does wonders, When you give something away, there is feeling you just can’t describe, by doing you might be a little closer to getting your mind lighter.

Your phone number is not public domain, It is ok not to make yourself available for everybody. You need to recognize the news breaker on your contact list.We all have someone at one point or the other in our lives, They have nothing positive, uplifting, inspiring to talk about.The more you allow junk information, the clutter your mind will be.The human mind is so powerful,  it is imperative to only allow quality people in your space to avoid mind cluttering.

Where focus goes, attention flows.If you are experiencing mind clutter, It could be that you are shifting your focus from where it ought to be, It could be a little distraction that you are not noticing.Having a cluttered mind might be a good sign to get you back to the path you are supposed to be on.

Most people get depressed or suffer mental clutter because they focus too much on themselves.Take time to think about other people, The whole world doesn’t¬†revolve around you and it’s not all about you.

Gratitude is also a major key in getting your mind clear, When you are grateful, it puts everything in perspective.

Enjoy NOW, you need just to leave the future alone and enjoy every bit of NOW, Sometimes, we get caught up in dreams and aspirations, we forget to breathe. We should always remember that there has to be today before tomorrow.

Get the junks out …

The flowers are blooming…

The squirrels are out to play…

It’s a new day …

Winter is over…

It’s Spring…


Summer holidays will be over in less than a week, Should I be happy the kids are going back to school? Am not really sure. The 6 weeks holiday went by like wind, it was swift.

What a summer it was for me, it was my best ever because…

-I started blogging which I have always wanted to do

-I have clarity on future projects ( I had time  to reflect and plan.)

-I started a project(not this blog)

-I spent quality time with the kids, we bonded, we laughed, we cooked.

-I spent time in nature

-There was not a lot of sunshine, and I didn’t complain, Yay! What an accomplishment! I used to complain a lot about London weather. I used to be a Debbie Downer when it comes to London¬†weather but not anymore.I have learned to accept things I can’t control, and besides, it’s not that serious.

-I met some amazing people

Over the weekend, I was at Hayling Island, it was such a beautiful beach


It was really nice to leave London and go to the country side.


It wasn’t bad after all having a summer STAYCATION

The longest journey….

I found this quote watching a documentary on Gaia, I finally (procrastinated for a while )subscribed 2 days ago and I have literarily binged.If Metaphysics, consciousness, and those that type of stuff makes you tingle on the inside. Check it out, http://www.gaia.com

the quote goes like this

The longest journey you will ever make in life is from your head to your heart.

How true is this?

For me, this resonates so much, I am very intuitive, I have always been,  (i think we all do)but learning to tune into that voice is key.  You meet people, and you get this vibe they are meant to be in your life, and 10 20 years later, you are still friends.

Learn to tune in…

Listen to your heart…

What makes you really happy on the inside…

Do exactly¬†what clicks with you so far it’s not infringing anyone’s rights, ¬†irrespective of the noise or criticisms.

Life is too short to be miserable.

I love you

Ms Sunday

I am an introvert(in a world that cant stop talking)

I put my hands up I AM AN INTROVERT! For a long time, being an introvert was not something I was proud of because I thought I was too quiet, too reserved, too weird, too different.

Less than a fortnight¬†ago, I took down a bit off of my “ABOUT PAGE “of my blog describing how I would rather email or text than getting on the phone, I ¬†said to myself,”¬†that’s just too weird.,Most people will not get that”.

I was wrong. Most people do¬†get me.¬†There are millions of people around the globe, just like me, That’s¬†right! Lol. ¬†Weird, quiet, awkward, they are the ones that know¬†the answer in class but will not raise their hands up, They like to hide but always get fished out in the end. Shout to all the Introverts in the world.

I remember four years ago, the makeup artist for my daughters naming ceremony asked if she could put my picture up on Facebook, and I  declined but later agreed for her to put on Instagram . when I saw the picture, the hashtags were brutal. Hashtag so hard, hashtag weirdo,  I was offended, but looking back now, that was just funny

-As an introvert, hey, look at me is not my thing, everyone likes to be approved to some extent, but I do not live on peoples approval. If you think am awesome, cool! If you think am not, that doesn’t¬†still bother me. You can imagine how that comes across to the folks that want their ego to be pampered.

-I would prefer if you check on me via text to see if I can talk before you call so I can mentally prepare myself.

-I used to turn off my phone on my birthday just to avoid the non-stop phone calls, except this year 2017. I did turn off my phone but just for few hours.

-I can summarise a 2 and half hours movie for you in a  few sentences, how annoying could that be.

-Arguing or talking for a long time drains me out.

-Am often drawn to people with cool, calm nature.

-I like to go to parties, but not all the time, trust me, I can’t handle going out every weekend, it’s just a waste of time.You see why I wasn’t¬†proud to be an introvert for years. People assume you are depressed or not happy with your life just because you want to stay at home 90% of the time when most people are out.

-My favourite sentence when someone drags me in a situation where I have to verbally defend myself is “I don’t¬†care”, lol.

-As an introvert, sometimes I think I put other peoples need first before my own, but consciously practising self-love has helped me to adjust. I still care for others, but I watch out for those that are just out to milk my kindness.

I have accepted me, I have accepted my weirdness, I have accepted my introvert ness(f that’s a word), I am¬†happily introverted.

I AM A HAPPY INTROVERT (in a world that won’t¬†stop talking)

If you are a proud Introvert like me, check out http://www.intovertdear.com. http://www.introvertspring.com http://www.infjoe.wordpress.com You will feel at home, take my words for it.

Get to know you!

Accept you!

And the world can catch up with you later.

I love you

Ms Sunday

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